Working with a Growth Hacking agency

What skills are needed to become a Growth Hacker

The growth hacker is the person that helps your company grow. Everything he does has as ultimate goal the sustainable growth of specific metrics, and of the business as a consequence.

A growth hacker has a T-shaped background and skills set: he knows enough of everything related to sales, marketing, product, SEO, content marketing, coding, and at the same time he’s very expert in a few of all these topics. It’s not easy to hire a good growth hacker, because it’s not easy to find somebody that has these skills and expertise, and has the capability of working keeping in mind the impact that a single action on one side of the business has on the other areas.

On top of that, it’s quite hard to find the person that has the right personality, motivation, and discipline in such a way to keep testing to find the best options for the company. A growth hacker, as the growth leader, has usually a strong personality and is both creative and analytical.

Why hiring a growth hacking agency

You’re now ready to bring your startup to the next level. You’re looking for the right person to drive you towards the right choices for your business.

Should you look for a digital marketer? An SEO expert? There are many ‘growth hacker’ named people around, but what is their strongest skill? Do they have the right personality?

These questions are pretty common when you are a CEO and need to delegate growth to an external person. The problem is that most startups hire a person that has not the right skills for the growth of their business. There might be startups where a skill is more relevant than another one. There might be times of the year and tests where a particular experience is more important, while it’s not for other tests.

Choosing the right person is extremely important for the growth of your startup.

growth hacking as a service

Hiring an external growth hacker or hiring a growth hacking agency has multiple benefits:

  • It can be hired for only some months over the year and you can understand if you like working with the team.
  • An agency works with different freelancers and collaborators, depending on the project.
  • A growth hacking agency has an external point of view and can have an unbiased opinion on what is needed for your business.
  • Working with an external growth hacker allows you to test some ideas and projects, so that you and your internal team will be able to focus only on the channels that work, after you’ve observed the results.
  • If you don’t have time to hire an internal growth hacker, if you want to work on growth and have a specialised team, and if you have some ideas in mind but you need some external support and suggestions, hiring a freelance or an agency can be the right solution for your startup, at least in the short term.

We at Growth Hackers Team offer both consultancy and managed services, and we work remotely with startups all over the world.