How to write great cold emails and improve your email marketing

If you send hundreds of emails per week, and get not enough replies, you should check the pain points of your direct email marketing strategy. You need to improve the open rate and reply rate of your outreach campaigns to be able to potentially close more deals.

There are different factors affecting open rate and reply rate, starting from testing what you’re doing, to see what works and what doesn’t. Checking the reactions of your leads is the first step to increase your numbers.

cold email email marketing best practices

How to improve open rate and reply rate of cold emails

Why are people not responding to my sales emails?

People get so many emails on a daily basis that you need to get noticed among newsletters, advertising, spam, and competitors. How can you improve your email outreach and get more responses from qualified prospects?

Your email should stand out from the other ones. Let’s see how you can make your leads choose to open your email.

Write the best sales email subject line

Very important, don’t underestimate your cold email subject line, you should make it very specific, personal and catchy. Test different subject lines, and see how prospects are reacting.

You can try to use the name of the prospect in the subject line: the more personal the subject line, the higher the open rate. You could also try some different questions, or call to actions e.g. “Mark, increase your conversions…” or “Jessica, find the best gift for..”

Make the sales email subject line very specific and relevant: don’t write something that is too different from what you actually will talk about in the body of your email.

Text formatting and cold email copy

Analyze your language: make sure to communicate to the receiver why your email is interesting, and what actions you need from them.

Be kind and polite, but don’t be too ‘cold’ or formal: especially when dealing with tech companies, startups, developers, I try to forget the words “Dear, ” or “Kind regards”. I’d rather say “Hi, name” and close the email with a question or call to action.

Keep in mind that nobody wants to reply to an automated email, and you can’t sell without building a connection with the other person. Therefore, make sure to write a great sales email copy which looks as a custom email to the receiver, even though you’re running drip campaigns and using a bulk email service.

It’s always useful to specify to which department or person you want to speak, to make it easy for the reader to forward the email to the relevant person, when you don’t have a direct contact.

Understand the right tone of voice to use in your conversations: think of the words that your prospects could use themselves, think of their business and marketing issues and try to offer your product or service as something that simplifies their lives. If you understand the issues of your customers, you will be able to offer them the solution they want to buy.

Remember to format your email text, so that your email looks nice. Avoid capital workds or too much bold, although a few words could be highlighted.

Understand the best time to send sales emails

Where are your prospect located? You should take timezone into account. You could try to reach them while they’re commuting, or waking up, during the lunch break, or after work at the end of they day. Best time to send emails will depend on their location, industry and on your product, of course.

You can divide lists in different groups and check the time that works best. After some tests, you will be able to understand what time works best by checking the time when the email has been opened most. This allows you to dramatically increase open rate of your outreach campaigns.

Hire somebody to improve or write your sales email copy

If you hire an email marketing consultant or an email growth hacker, make sure he’s trained to understand people psychology. It’s not just about selling, it’s about creating connections with your lead, create a sense of urgency and let them understand the reason why they need your product or service.

Do you remember “The Wolf of Wall Street” sell me this pen scene?

Check your email spam rate

Make sure to have a low spam rate, so that your email doesn’t get into your leads’ junk folder directly.

There are tools to check your score to measure the health of your email marketing campaigns. As SenderScore tool states, “Mailbox providers take a lot of metrics into consideration to determine your sender reputation including spam complaints, mailing to unknown users, industry blacklists, and more.”

It’s better to avoid including too many links in your cold email template, and to avoid images, so that your email won’t be marked as spam.

There are also great tools to verify the deliverability of emails to specific contacts, as some company email addresses reject emails sent from email addresses external to their organization.

Test different outreach campaigns, see what works and repeat

Follow this simple tips and test different email copy templates, tones of voice, times of the day to send your emails, so you can keep growing your open rate and reply rate with time.

You can use automated tools to setup drip campaigns and send sales email in bulk, which will help you reach a large number of leads in short time, and to easily evaluate the results of each of your email marketing campaign, in terms of open rate and reply rate.