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Growth Hackers Team was born thanks to passion and experience, many hours of work on different projects and continuous training.

The website Growth Hackers Team was born in 2017 as the first real Growth Hacking as a Service and first outsourced Growth Team in Italy, with the aim of creating the first specific, comprehensive, high quality growth hacking agency for growth services, training and consultancy for startups in Italy.
Due to the high demand of these services abroad, it has been offered soon in Europe and in the US too.

The project has been found by Sara Bisulli, an expert of Sales & Digital Marketing for online products, with special focus on growth strategies for startups.

Before founding Groth Hackers Team Sara has been working as a freelance since early 2016, and with companies in this field since 2012, in Italy, Netherlands, France, United States.

She is also an official Certified Growth Master.

Sara manages the business and takes care of the strategy and training herself, and works with other growth hackers and marketing for the managed services, in order to provide you with your done-for-you outsourced growth team.

Would you like to cooperate with us? Contact us if you’re a freelance and you’re looking for projects related to, but not only: SEO, blog writing, digital banner and print material design, website research,¬†Wordpress.


Managed services or one-to-one consultancy to help you with the growth and marketing of your online product.


You can buy the packages of consultancy hours, using the different hours for the topics you will need over time.


Companies, digital products, startups, e-commerce websites, crowdfunding, product launches, music promotion.


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Our clients choose because of the high-quality work we deliver, flexibility, precision and efficiency.

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